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Q&A {Photo Sessions}

Do you have a studio?
No. I do mostly outdoor photo sessions. I am in love with natural light and the outdoors. That doesn't mean I can't do indoor photos, I just prefer outdoor. Newborns of course are done mostly indoors unless the weather is perfect.

Many people have asked why I don't have a studio or if I plan on getting one eventually. The thought has crossed my mind many times, mostly for the convenience of it. I just don't think it's me. I think I would feel really restricted. I love being outside with my clients. So many more opportunities and kids just seem to be happier.

How long does a photo session normally take?
I don't have a set time limit. That just seems to put pressure on everyone. From experience though, depending on the amount of people, a photo session normally lasts around an hour. Sometimes longer sometimes shorter.

How much do you charge for prints?
I actually don't do prints. Included in the cost of the photo session is a CD with all edited pictures. This way my clients can freely print the pictures off where ever they choose. At this point, I can't justify charging for prints. I have a hard enough time charging for a photo session (read the "About Me" on my blog **coming soon**). This isn't to say that down the road I won't charge for prints (at a VERY low price). One thing that does worry me about having my clients print their own pictures is the quality of the prints. All photo places are different. I am actually in the process of doing test prints at different photo processing locations and conducting a list of places to print based on quality. Stay tuned for that.

When should I schedule my photo session?
As far as how in advance you should schedule a photo session is up to you. If you have a specific date in mind- as soon as you know that date to insure availablitiy. I do however normally leave a couple weekend slots open. If on the spur of the moment you are thinking you want some pictures done, like tomorrow, ask me! I might have something open!

For maternity photos, this is just a recomendation, but in the future mama's 8th month or so. When the belly is nice and rounded, but she isn't going to be super uncomfortable walking around and stuff. And from personal experience, before any major swelling happens. HA!

For newborns, it is best to have the photo session in the first 10 days of life. They change so fast and you want to capture that teeny tiny sweetness of a fresh little babe. They are also more sleepy at this time and more likely to fold up in those positions we all love in newborn photos.

Please check back often for more questions!

If you have a question about me or anything related to my photography, feel free to ask away! Fill out the form in the contact tab of my blog, email me at, or find me on Facebook and shoot me a line!

Thank you SO much!!